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Rainbow Flow at M3Yoga


M3Yoga is on a mission to make yoga accessible for ALL!  Every Thursday, they offer a donation-based class to break down the financial barriers that many experience when trying to approach yoga as a practice for physical or mental wellness.  This special Rainbow Flow Yoga is M3Yoga's gift to Athens PRIDE - we're so grateful for their partnership and support - please join us!

M3Yoga (located in the Chase Park Warehouse, just above the Tree Room!)
159 Oneta Street
Unit 6, Suite 50
Athens, GA 30601

"M3Yoga is a place where everyone is welcome. We are a family of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Some of our yogis are still new, wanting to be slowly introduced to the practice, others have practiced for years and want to deepen it wit more exploratory and challenging classes. Some of our members use yoga as a means to relax or increase their fitness, while others want the expertise of our instructors to help their specific ailments, like arthritis or depression."