Athens PRIDE is SO much more than a yearly event!  So much more than a festival, a parade, or a (really amazing) drag show.  

Everything we do, PRIDE Week included, serves a greater mission to promote community, fellowship, and support around LGBTQ+ issues in Athens (and beyond).  

How do we do this?  Through advocacy, outreach, education, communications, and event sponsorship. 

PRIDE Week is our major yearly event but isn't the end-game for us.  It's a fun time (you should definitely come!) but the end-game is this: community, fellowship, and support.  

But if you want a little more history on how our Athens, GA PRIDE events began... 

The first ever Athens PRIDE event began as a potluck picnic to bring together members of LGBTQ community in 1998.  Initially hosted by GLOBES (the LGBTQ faculty and staff group at the University of Georgia), the yearly gathering gained momentum and expended to include a weekend of PRIDE events by 2011.

Now, in the twentieth year of our annual gathering, our PRIDE Week provides social, outreach and education opportunities for the LGBTQ and ally communities.  

Our PRIDE Week promotes self-affirmation, increases visibility, and builds community among LGBTQ individuals and allies in the greater Athens, GA area.

Throughout the year, we host events and fundraisers to promote support and education outreach to and about the LGBTQ+ community.  

Lastly, we support the efforts of other organizations aligned with equality and diversity by providing event sponsorships, promotion, and volunteers for their efforts.


Our Mission

Athens PRIDE exists to promote community, fellowship, and support around lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer issues in the greater Athens, GA area.  This purpose is furthered through advocacy, outreach, education, communication, and event sponsorship.


Athens PRIDE, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization solely comprised of volunteers and our outreach is entirely funded by your generous donations.